There are over thousands + Career options available today including in fields previously unheard!

Let’s not forget, Career is a Lifetime decision. Let me help you choose wisely for your child!


I am post graduate in Microbiology and 6 years of experience in helping students learning Arithmetic through the Chinese method of ABACUS, a Visualization Technique to Calculate Numbers Faster than a Computer!! I am CCPAI member, trained career counsellor and owner of Brainchecker Franchisee. In my 6 years as a teaching and counselling career, I have helped a great number of students improve their skills. I have so much to offer you to improve your child skills and a better understanding of his/her future career path by just applying proven tools.

Mrs Kuljeet

Dear ALL, My 11 Yr Daughter took (Finger Print) Dermatoglyphic test @ Brain checker’s Consultant Archana @ Rangoli, The Result was quite surprising and we wonder how come fingerprints tell so accurate about her behaviour, nature, strength and weakness. This test helped us a lot to determine how to deal with her weakness and strength. Now we decided to promote her strong areas which we knew up to some extent and also very strongly validated in minutest detail in the 41-page detail report of brain checker provided By Mrs Archana (144, Block 11). And for her weakness, we will follow remedial techniques given in the report in detail. I strongly recommend going for this Finger Print Test for People Interested to Find Out What Their Kid is Best In and How to Correct Kid’s Weakness Areas. It is Life Changer Stuff “MUST GO FOR IT” otherwise we will keep pushing our kids in the area where they are not as good and their area of Potential will go waste and unexplored. Concern Parents Please Go For It, I got Benefited So You must take a chance.


Career Counselling is a great way to help the young generation and their parents. We help student finding those courses or careers where they can really excel and be extraordinary performers.

Almost around 80% of people in workplaces today feel stressed out because they are career misfits, as per a recent Bupaworld survey.

These such scenarios are avoidable by career counselling that first find out the real inherent talent of the student using standardized and reliable Aptitude Test.

The Aptitude scores reveal the inherent strength profile of the student. Using the same, the Career Counsellors give guidance to the students about their future course of action.

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